Reminder - Pack 4 2013 Blue and Gold - Friday (2/15)

Posted on Feb 14 2013 - 8:26am

A reminder that we’re hosting our 2013 Blue and Gold meeting this Friday (2/15) in the Brunner School Multipurpose Room at 6:00 PM.

Everyone in the pack is invited, along with parents and siblings. Eagle Patrol may want to bring some extra family to watch them bridge over to Boy Scouts.

Scouts should wear their full uniform. We're usually pretty casual, but please have your boy wear his full class A uniform - hat, shirt, neckerchief, belt. Let’s look our best to honor our scouts who have completed the Cub Scout program and are moving on to Boy Scouts.

Remember, we’re starting at 6:00pm - we’re having dinner (3ft subs as they were so well received last year). We should be done early, hopefully by 8:30pm. A few extra hands serving dinner and cleaning up is always appreciated.

I look forward to seeing all of Pack 4 our families Friday night!

Any questions, please always feel free to contact me.

Your in Scouting
Dave Wernsing